Chemical Peels


At Omni Centers, we have helped many patients experience healthier and more beautiful skin with chemical peel treatments. Our skincare experts are here to guide your choice and find the right peel for your skin.


All the perks and none of the downtime. The BioRevitalization No-Peel treatment improves your skin's radiance and hydration while tightening, firming, and lifting. Unlike traditional chemical peels, the No-Peel Peel uses a combination of acids that regenerate skin without causing flaking and peeling of the skin.

The BioRevitalization No-Peel treatment is a formulation that has been specifically designed to help you rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Together, the ingredients help to:

  • Reduce the appearance of scars, acne marks and old blemishes on your skin.
  • Lighten minor pigmentation and spots.
  • Smoothen the rough and dry texture of the skin.
  • Treat enlarged pores.
  • Hydrate and moisturize your skin and make it look well- rested.
  • Restore your skin’s natural glow and softness
  • Firm your face and limit the appearance of lines


The ZO 3-Step Peel is an innovative, in-office treatment peel followed by an at-home treatment to combat the signs of aging and skin discoloration. This treatment utilizes a blend of exfoliants, retinol and multi-action agents to help improve skin health and treat many signs of aging. The special formulation provides antioxidant protection as well as anti-irritant benefits. The ZO 3-Step Peel is safe and effective for any type of skin and has been demonstrated to have some of the most effective and long-lasting results in the industry. A 5-week pre-treatment daily skin application is required prior to peel. Therefore, please contact us for details and instructions: 360.338.0289


VI Peels are designed to target pigmentation, acne and aging via a painless, effective treatment. The process focuses on lifting and exfoliating, which smooths the surface of your facial skin and allows the body to produce new healthier cells while stimulating collagen production to help tighten sagging facial skin areas.

VI Peel Body features a unique blend of AHAs, TCA and conditioning agents. This painless peel addresses conditions such as: pigmentation, scars, acne, acne scars, and keratosis pilaris. VI Peel Body can safely treat troubled skin on the back, chest, arms, legs, buttocks, and bikini area — revealing healthy, smooth skin.



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We start by pretreating your skin for optimal skin preparation. The two-step pretreatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, and a peel-off mask modulated with an antioxidant activator. Next, our licensed master estheticians apply a layer of the BioRevitalization onto your skin, massaging the peel into your skin. The amount of BioRevitalization formulation used depends on what type of results you seek and how many treatment areas you have. Our experts will be able to advise you about the treatment details after consultation.
No. It just feels like you have 'refreshed' skin.
  • Multi-functional
  • No visible traces of the procedure
  • Does not contain Ammonia
  • Suitable for ALL ages
  • Does not cause photosensitivity
The 3-Step Stimulation Peel is in line with the Obagi philosophy that focuses on ongoing skin health, and therefore provides benefits that continue well after the treatment Is done. Unlike other treatments that simply deal with the symptoms, this incredible system helps to strengthen and bolster healthy skin.
The Zo 3-Step Peel can be used on most parts of the body, including the chest, arms, legs, neck, and face.
The Zo Health 3-Step Stimulator Peel is working hard after the process is completed, and you’ll feel a roughness to your skin that will last for up to 48 hours after the treatment. During the third and fourth days your skin will begin shedding dead cells that will slough off leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.
SPF is your BFF. Your renewed skin must be protected when going outdoors in any type of weather. It provides a defense against UV light damaging your new skin cells and helps stop cells from reproducing unwanted pigmentations. Omni Centers offers a variety of SPF products for different skin types and colors. Please ask one of our skin care professionals which SPF is right for you.
Some chemical peels can be drying to your skin. Therefore, please ask one of our Omni Skin Care Professionals which moisturizer is best for your skin type after your peel treatment, and for your future daily regimen.